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April 21, 2016 in Travel Quotes

what she tackles, she conquers quote


July 28, 2015 in Trips in Eastern United States

Last week I was able to spend the week with my boyfriend and his family in Berlin, MD as well as taking time in Ocean city and Assateague (much like the day trip I took not too long ago).  We had a great time with lots of interesting moments….primarily things that happened as a result of my overall horrendous luck.  For example, our 1st day on the beach in Assateague, a hungry horse was digging through my bag looking for food.  It wasn’t just me though; he was sure to get many beachgoers!  The next day, I figured out that chickens get pissed off when you eat ice cream in front of them.  I got pecked in the knee by an angry chicken – and no, I can’t make these things up!  Oh and I also got pooped on by a seagull on the Ocean City boardwalk……which maybe this year I was lucky it only happened once since last year it happened TWICE!

Since I already gave you a pretty thorough cap of these areas in the recent past, I’m simply going to show you some photos from this trip, some coming straight from my Instagram.  Please join me on instagram to keep up on my travels!  @JensTrvlBug

A Hungry Assateague Horse

This horse kept going up and down the beach digging through people’s bags trying to find food. He successfully found cheetos, sandwiches, and other items!

Ocean City, MD at Sunset

OCMD Inlet

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July 14, 2015 in Trips in Eastern United States

This past 4th of July was especially unique for me because I was able to spend it in Vermont.  In fact, this was my first time experiencing the New England area at all.  My boyfriend and I made the trek after work that Thursday evening and arrived at our destination (Charlotte, VT) around 3:30am the next morning.  By the way, the buggy got me from Westminster, MD all the way to Charlotte on a single tank of gas.  Am I bragging a little?  Maybe…..  😉

Charlotte, VT

Charlotte, VT

I was surprised by how beautiful Vermont actually was.  I’m an avid fan of mountainous terrain and scenic open spaces, probably because they remind me of the time I’ve spent out West.  Vermont had this “West-type” of beauty, in my opinion.  The massive amounts of rain we’ve acquired here on the East coast have also made their way to Vermont, allowing for beautiful lush green mountains and offering a perfect display of scenery for a Vermont newbie.

Charlotte is a very small area.  Then again, from what I’ve been told (and seen), it is a pretty desolate state anyway.  Despite its small size, there were plenty of beautiful surroundings.  There wasn’t much in the area, but there was a cute little market that people seem to frequent.  The Old Brick Store is small but carries the essentials.  My favorite part was that they had a little cafe where sandwiches and various drinks could be purchased.  However, the service was meh and sometimes it felt like I was standing there for an eternity before someone would acknowledge my existence.  When I was finally able to order, however, the drinks were wonderful.  Many of their items were organic, which was a plus in my book, but also quite pricey as many organic items are.

Charlotte, VT

Charlotte, VT

One of the cooler parts is Charlotte’s proximity to the Adirondacks.  As a matter of fact, this small part of Vermont is nestled between the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks, so each way you turn there is a beautiful view in the distance.  The drive in and out is quite scenic and incredibly beautiful.

Charlotte sits close to Vermont’s biggest city (although it isn’t a very big city at all), Burlington.  Our travel time from Charlotte to Burlington was about 20-25 minutes tops.  I have to admit that I loved Burlington!  It was such a vibrant and artsy city with beautiful old architecture.  We walked Church Street, a pedestrian-only road lined with boutique shops and local restaurants with a few chains mixed in.  The best part?  People are not allowed to smoke on Church Street!  Oh, and did I mention L.L. Bean offers free wi-fi for those perusing?  Yeah – pretty cool.

Church Street - Burlington, VT

Church Street – Burlington, VT

During our Church Street experience we checked out Red Onion, a little sandwich shop.  They even make their own bread there.  I opted for the spinach melt, which turned out to be fantastic!  It was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had – no joke.  I highly recommend it.  Nonetheless, this place was nothing fancy.  Just a small restaurant with outdoor seating for the warmer months, making it perfect for people watching.  We also checked out Lake Champlain chocolates (the store) and Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea, inc.  Anyone who knows me well enough will tell you I’m a nerd for lattes, and Uncommon Grounds had one that certainly didn’t disappoint.  Being in Vermont, I had to try their Maple Latte.  It was SO good!  Vermont won extra points that day for all the amazing foods/drinks.

Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory - Vermont

Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory – Vermont

After Church Street we headed over to the Lake Champlain Chocolate factory.  For a broke chocolate addict, this is a way better option than going to the store.  Here you can buy the factory seconds, which are cheaper due to packing errors and such.  Lake Champlain Chocolates aren’t the cheapest in the world so purchasing the factory seconds will help keep a broke traveler from breaking the bank, but still able to indulge in their chocolate addiction.  The factory features a large window showing workers actually making chocolate too.  Unless you end up there on their day off….like me, you’ll get a “tour” of the factory for free.

The fireworks in Burlington were the best I have ever seen.  It was as if the finale was erupting the entire time!  They exploded from a barge on the water with an enormous crowd of viewers spread out all over Waterfront Park.  And people are serious about their fireworks there!  The crowd was far from silent throughout the display.  It was a great time!  Take a look at my video of the fireworks by clicking here and see how amazing they were for yourself.

On our last full day, we all drove to the mountains and hiked a couple of miles from our parking spot to Sterling Pond.  Sterling Pond is the highest trout pond in the state of Vermont and an unexpected reward at the end of a relatively steep hike.  It attracts many people, but it’s a beautiful spot at the top of the mountain.  From here, we hiked over to Smugglers Notch, a ski area with a great view.  It felt like we were entering an old abandoned ski resort, seeing the lifeless lifts and empty buildings.  The view from there was exquisite though, and most definitely made it worth the hike.

Hiking to Sterling Pond

Hiking to Sterling Pond

Sterling Pond, Vt

Sterling Pond, Vt

Our last stop was the Ben & Jerry’s factory, a must for anyone visiting Vermont for the first time.  We didn’t have time to do the tour, but we made sure to hit the shop to grab some ice cream.  I recommend getting the cookie cookie sundae!  It was heavenly!  While I generally try to eat healthy, I have a sweet tooth I can’t deny. We checked out their gift shop, which had some neat items, ate our fattening treats, and called it a day.

We crammed a lot into such a short trip but enjoyed every bit of it!  Hopefully we can make the 9 hour drive again soon and spend even more time there.  Thanks for a great time Vermont, and thanks to my friends Isreal and Julie for hosting us and giving the quick tour!

Smugglers Notch

Smugglers Notch

Us at Sterling Pond

Us at Sterling Pond



May 26, 2015 in Everything Else

It has been a while since i’ve updated you all, and since there are some new things happening, i’d like to take a second to do just that!  Where to begin…..
Tinggly Ambassador badge


I have begun an exciting new chapter as a  Tinggly ambassador!  What the heck does that mean, you ask?  Let me start by telling you what exactly Tinggly is.

Tinggly is a company that allows people to give the gift of adventure!  Instead of giving a thing as a gift for a birthday, Christmas, whatever the occasion may be, you are instead giving the gift of something to remember.  For $125, the recipient will receive a voucher that allows them to choose from 350+ experiences  that suits their tastes – and the experiences are located all over the world, so there are plenty of choices.  They have 2 years to utilize their voucher.  Pretty cool right?

As an ambassador, I will have the chance to find cool new things to do in various places, with the intent on sharing them with all of you, and maybe you’ll have your eyes opened to experiences you didn’t even know existed.

I think this is such a great concept because there are only so many items you can buy a person before you run out of ideas!  And besides, a great experience is WAY more memorable than a “thing.”

If you would like more information on this company, head on over to and check them out.  I can’t wait to see what this partnership brings!


The awesome folks at AdoramaPix recently asked me to write a blog post for them, so keep an eye out for that.  It will be a topic specific to travel of course.  I’ll be sure to share when that happens!  We’re looking at a June posting time.


I used to paint, draw, etc. on a regular basis, but it seems that over the years I’ve struggled to get back in touch with my artsy side.  Lately I’ve been fortunate enough to regain some creative inspiration back, and when I am unable to travel, I have been creating new art.  I am planning to offer some of my art for purchase here through my blog.  Keep your eyes peeled for this update!  Hopefully i’ll get some of the artwork up within the next month or so.
Be sure to check out some of the art i’ve been working on as well as other updates on my personal instagram!  Find me @JensTrvlBug

There is so much to look forward to here at the travel bug blog!  Thanks for keeping up with me on this amazing journey!



September 13, 2014 in Everything Else


Liebster Award…….what the……???

I’m not going to lie….when Travelin’ Kait nominated me for this Leibster Award via Twitter……I had NO idea what was going on!  I had never heard of it before.  When I checked out her page and saw what it was all about, I thought it seemed like a great opportunity to get to know other bloggers.

Thank you, I appreciate the nomination Kait!  It’s nice to know that someone actually sees my posts once in a while and that i’m not just talking to myself!     😉

Here are the questions she asked me and my attempts at answering them!  Here goes…….


1. If you had to choose one of the places you have visited to live for the next 5 years, which place would you choose and why?

Unfortunately at the moment I am merely a U.S. traveler.  I have yet  to afford going out of the country (gee, thanks college!!) That being said, I would say Hawaii except I already lived there for a year back in 1999.  My next love is California.  I absolutely love everything about the central California region- from the friendly people to the scenery and the laid back vibe.  Oh, and the food.  They have some great food out there.

2. Describe your most delicious dining experience.

I have a friend who runs Harman’s Eat & Drink in Denver, Colorado, so on my first trip to Colorado, he made sure to whip me up some awesome food.  I had so much food that night that I felt like I was going to pop!  Check out my Denver eats blog post for more information on Harman’s.  Everything I ate there was absolutely incredible….and i’m not saying that because my friend runs it!  The dishes are unique and the food really is amazing!

3. Name one sentimental item you ALWAYS bring with you on your travels.

I always always always have a camera with me……specifically, my Nikon D700.  I love photography (hence my other blog, Jennifer Longo Photography) and I would be lost without my camera during my travels.

4. What do you miss most about home while traveling?

Some of the people.  And my bug.  That’s about it.    VW bug icon

5.  Have you ever gotten lost on one of your adventures? What happened and what did you do to find your way?

I have NO sense of direction whatsoever, which is terrible for someone like myself who likes to wander.  I never got horribly lost to the point where I panicked, but I have definitely gotten myself a little nervous.

Last time I was in California I stopped on the side of Pacific Coast Highway when I noticed a little path on the side of the road.  I decided to head down the path with my camera to see if I could get some good shots of the coast.  It was a dirt path and surrounded by these dry shrubs all over the place.  As I got to the end of the path, I meandered away from it so I could get some photos, and the next thing I knew, I couldn’t find the pathway anymore.  I couldn’t just walk wherever I wanted to get back on the road because these shrubs were everywhere.  It took a little while but I eventually found it after lots of searching.  In my defense, this path was really hard to see!  I also found when I got back to the car that I had lost my camera’s lens cap.  I ended up using a napkin to cover it for the rest of the week.  There’s no way I was going back on that path to look for it.

6.  What is the number one piece of advice you would offer to a new traveler.

Try going alone.  I’ve said this a million times, but going on a trip by yourself is such a rewarding experience.  You learn so much about yourself and you gain a lot confidence along the way.

7.  In which country have you experienced the friendliest people?

Well, considering the USA is pretty much the only country i’ve been thus far, I have to say here!  I went to Canada once many years ago, but I was just a kid and it was because my mom had driven us over the border (before passports were needed) while living in Minnesota.

I will say that the friendliest people I have met thus far in the U.S. have been out West.  I’ve met tons of amazing people in both Colorado and California.

8.  Who/what inspired you to travel?

My divorced parents.  I moved quite frequently as a kid because my dad was in the Coast Guard and my mom was just naturally a bit nomadic.  Between the 2 parents I saw many new places at a very early age.  I got used to moving as I got older, it felt like clock work.  It was like my body had a time-to-get-out-of-here “timer.”  After about a year or so of living in one place, the travel bug would kick in big time.  It has stuck with me.

9.  Describe your worst lodging experience.

I feel like I have been pretty fortunate so far in that I haven’t had any really horrendous lodging experiences *yet.*  However, when I was a kid and I would travel with my mom from Minnesota to Maryland, she had 2 dogs that would have to come with us.  It was me, mom, my brother, and 2 dogs all crammed into a van.  Because of the dogs, I was CONSTANTLY finding ticks in the van and on my body!  It freaked me out and I absolutely hated it.  I would refer to the van as the “tick house.”

10.  In what ways have you changed since you started traveling?

I’ve always traveled, but in more recent years I have explored a lot more and even done some solo travel.  I think these experiences have really helped me learn about myself.  They made me realize how passionate I am about seeing new places and meeting new people.  I came back from my first solo trip just feeling completely confident and proud of myself…..and these are feelings I don’t get too often in my day to day life.  I don’t really know how to explain it.  I just felt….like a new person.

So in short, I think travel has opened my eyes.

11.  If you got a free ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Gosh this is hard because I feel like there are so many places I would like to see, especially since I have yet to be able to leave the country!  First on my list is probably what a lot of other people would say, but I am dying to see Paris, France.  I’ve always been really intrigued by the French language and culture.  Their architecture is incredible, and I would love the opportunity to photograph it.


The rules:

-Thank the blogger who nominated you, and include a link to their blog.

-Provide answers to the eleven questions from that person.

-Give nominations to other bloggers, who have less than 500 Twitter followers.

-Ask them eleven new questions.

-Let them know about their nominations, so that they can proceed with the award process.


Here are your 11 new questions!

1.  What is the most memorable trip you have ever taken?

2.  Did you ever have any “life changing” experiences while traveling?

3.  Do you prefer solo travel or traveling with people?  Why?

4.  Who was the most influential person you have ever met while traveling?

5.  What was your least favorite place to visit and why?

6.  Are you influenced by any travel bloggers?

7. What is the most helpful travel tip you have ever received ?

8. What is the craziest thing you’ve done on a trip?

9. What method of transportation do you prefer when traveling?

10.  Do you ever get tired of traveling?

11.  Where do you hope to go with blogging?








Have fun!    🙂

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