6 Ways to Deal with Loneliness While Traveling Solo

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Traveling solo is an incredibly rewarding experience that many people will never work up the nerve to try.  It takes a lot of courage to leave behind the comforts of places and people we know to immerse ourselves in something completely different.  But just like anything else, it can have its drawbacks, one of which […]

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Many travel bloggers out there were somehow able to escape their lives and start traveling for a living.  Thats great for people who can do that, but how many people actually have the means to live a life of full-time travel?  Not many.  And while it would be a fairytale to be able to do so, there […]

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{GUEST POST} Why Traveling Should Be Your Top New Year’s Resolution

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Have you made your list of resolutions for 2016 yet? In addition to decisions about lifestyle changes and professional growth, maxing out travel opportunities should definitely be an area that you should include in your New Year’s resolutions. Why? For starters, traveling allows you to expand your horizons, meet new people and learn more about […]