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My Biggest Adventure Yet

December 8, 2016 in Everything Else

I apologize for being so silent lately.  My life has been pretty hectic since purchasing a home in April and then everything that follows!  Work, unpacking, etc.  Now that the house is coming together, things are beginning to settle down.  I haven’t been able to do much traveling this year, so instead, I have been accessorizing the house with travel related decor.  It has been a lot of fun and it’s nice to have a place to call home without wasting money on rent every month.

Speaking of settling down, I am about to embark on my biggest adventure yet! hm, the irony of those words.
My boyfriend of 10 years proposed on November 26th!  We’re so happy to be taking the next step in this relationship and embarking on this incredible journey.  I hope you all continue to follow through this next chapter in my life!

Christmas tree proposal
Christmas tree proposal


Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

January 5, 2016 in Everything Else / Uncategorized

Jen in GettysburgWhen I first started this blog about a year and a half ago, I posted a relatively lengthy introduction to myself.  Since then, I have acquired some new readers and I would like to give a rather informal re-introduction.  So here it goes….

My name is Jennifer.  I’m no one spectacular, just your average Jen residing in the Baltimore area.  I went to college, I work a 9-5 marketing job, I’m a part-time photographer (hobbyist mostly but odd jobs as well), I love lattes, and of course, I have a burning desire to travel.  Like most other people, I have a stack of bills and very little time.  Oh, and I drive a VW bug.  I call it the travel bug.

My travels are mostly restricted to long weekends and 3 weeks of paid company vacation time.  I am by no means one of the “quit your job and see the world” bloggers;  I have way too many bills for that.  And besides, I would actually really like to own a home.  I consider myself more of a part-time traveler.

I started this blog because I felt compelled to share the more adventurous parts of my otherwise boring life with the world.  I wanted to meet like minds.  I wanted a place to share my photography.  I also wanted a place to simply post about anything interesting relating to travel.  I wanted to inspire others to see everything they can in their own time frame.  This blog is my “escape” from reality when I can’t always be where I want to be.

Somehow over the last year I have not only found other people who share many of the same passions as myself, but I’ve developed relationships with great companies such as AdoramaPix, Destination Gettysburg and Tinggly.  It has been such an exciting journey and I’m so grateful to them, and those of you who carve a little time out of your busy day to check up on this blog.  Thank you!

So that’s the short of it.  Be sure to check out the about me page for a little more information.  Kick back and take a look around.

I’d love to meet you as well!  Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself in the comments below!  🙂

5 Places to visit in St. Michaels, MD

September 15, 2015 in Everything Else / Trips in Eastern United States

We recently visited St. Michaels, MD for the very first time. It’s only a couple of hours away from Baltimore, and we’ve heard so often about how beautiful it is. Since Bran and I are on tight budgets, we wanted to make sure our little day trip didn’t break the bank. We found some great places to visit there – from great food to niche shops and scenic views. Here are some places you need to check out on your next trip to St. Michaels.

Banana and Nutella Crepe- Crepes by the Bay, St Michaels, MD

Banana and Nutella Crepe- Crepes by the Bay, St Michaels, MD

1. Crepes by the Bay

At first, this place looks like a hole-in-the-wall diner. This was probably my favorite place in the area to eat though! Crepes by the Bay has an enormous selection of yummy crepes. I ordered the banana and nutella crepe, which was absolutely heavenly!  We all enjoyed our food and it was very reasonably priced. I highly recommend you check them out.

413 S Talbot St
Saint Michaels, MD 21663
410-745-8429Visit their Facebook Page

 Blue Crab Coffee - St. Michaels, MD2. Blue Crab Coffee Co.

This is a cute coffee shop tucked a little farther back from the road.  They have a lot of great options for coffee drinkers, whether you like your drinks sweet or plain jane.  There is plenty of seating, games, and magazines for those who want to stay for a while.

102 Freemont St.
St Michaels, MD 21663


Visit their Official Website

The Christmas Shop Ornaments - St. Michaels, MD3.  The Christmas Shop

This might seem like a strange recommendation, but I really loved coming here!  Bran had to talk me into it at first because I felt it was too early to be looking at Christmas ornaments, but this shop was fantastic.  They have any kind of ornament you can imagine!  I even bought myself 2 ornaments- a Beetle and a camera.  Perfect, right?

216 South Talbot Street
St Michaels, MD 21663

4. Foxy’s Harbor GrilleKey Lime Pie drink - Foxy's Harbor Grille

Foxy’s is a little bar/restaurant that sits right on the water.  The menu is somewhat limited but the food is good.  Their menu consists of “island” types, ranging from dishes like fish tacos, crab cakes, and jerk burgers.  We also had great service there – which is always a plus.

TIP: Try the key lime pie drink!  It’s amazing!

125 Mulberry St.
St Michaels MD 21663

Visit their Official Website

Hooper Strait Lighthouse at night5. Hooper Strait Lighthouse

We sort of stumbled upon the Hooper Strait lighthouse as we were browsing the town.  We knew it was around, we just didn’t know exactly where.  When we found it, I knew it would allow for beautiful photos.  The lighthouse is a gorgeous structure with an abundance of history.  Supposedly you can only visit the lighthouse with paid admission into the Chesapeake Maritime Museum, but we didn’t know that.  The gate was open when we arrived and people were freely walking in and out of the area.  However, be aware that you might have to visit the rest of the museum to see the lighthouse!

213 North Talbot Street
St. Michaels, Maryland 21663

Visit their Official Website


July 28, 2015 in Trips in Eastern United States

Last week I was able to spend the week with my boyfriend and his family in Berlin, MD as well as taking time in Ocean city and Assateague (much like the day trip I took not too long ago).  We had a great time with lots of interesting moments….primarily things that happened as a result of my overall horrendous luck.  For example, our 1st day on the beach in Assateague, a hungry horse was digging through my bag looking for food.  It wasn’t just me though; he was sure to get many beachgoers!  The next day, I figured out that chickens get pissed off when you eat ice cream in front of them.  I got pecked in the knee by an angry chicken – and no, I can’t make these things up!  Oh and I also got pooped on by a seagull on the Ocean City boardwalk……which maybe this year I was lucky it only happened once since last year it happened TWICE!

Since I already gave you a pretty thorough cap of these areas in the recent past, I’m simply going to show you some photos from this trip, some coming straight from my Instagram.  Please join me on instagram to keep up on my travels!  @JensTrvlBug

A Hungry Assateague Horse

This horse kept going up and down the beach digging through people’s bags trying to find food. He successfully found cheetos, sandwiches, and other items!

Ocean City, MD at Sunset

OCMD Inlet

#ocmd #aladdin #funhouse #oceancity #rides #travel #inlet #photography #wanderlust #travel #maryland

A photo posted by Jen Longo (@jenstrvlbug) on Jul 20, 2015 at 7:32pm PDT



June 27, 2015 in Everything Else / Trips in Eastern United States


There are so many exciting things happening on the 4th of July that choosing one can be hard to do!  Here are a few ideas for the East coasters to help narrow down your decision this holiday!

Concord Point Lighthouse July 4th Celebration

Concord Point Lighthouse July 4th Celebration – Havre De Grace, MD

1. Havre de Grace, MD

You may have already seen the photo, but I went to Havre de Grace last year for the 4th of July fireworks and couldn’t have loved it more!  Not only are you on the beautiful waterfront, but if you’re sitting in the park, the fireworks explode beautifully behind the Concord Point lighthouse.  Not only are there fireworks, but you can also enjoy the little carnival set-up, great food, and more.  Best of all, they celebrate for multiple days!  Click here for more information.

2. Washington, DC

Of course, Washington DC puts on a great fireworks show to celebrate America’s independence.  There is so much to do in DC anyway, that during the day you wouldn’t be bored waiting for the main event.  You’ll also see parades, music, and so much more for the 4th of July.  Click here to see more information.

3. Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia has more than just cheese steaks.  It is also the nation’s birthplace.  For Independence Day, there are tons of events such as free movie screenings, block parties, parades, and of course – excellent fireworks.  Get your cameras ready and take a look back at history in Philadelphia.    Click here for more information.

4. Baltimore, MD

It might be because I live in Baltimore, but I think there are so many great things to do here for the 4th of July!  Get a spectacular view of the fireworks from any angle, whether you’re up high in the World Trade Center or floating on a boat in the Inner Harbor.  Click here for more information.

5. Atlanta, GA

Georgia has so much going on – from road races to pub crawls, you’re sure to find something exciting  this holiday!  And once again, what would an independence day celebration be without the awesome display of pyrotechnics?  Click here for more information.

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