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July 4th in Myrtle Beach

July 13, 2017 in Trips in Eastern United States

Myrtle Beach vacation for July 4th

Myrtle Beach is about 9 hours away from where I live – and lucky for me I have fabulous relatives that live there.  My fiance, his son, and I took a little road trip there for the week of July 4th and as always, we had a great time – even on a tight budget.  We are in the process of putting money toward our wedding, so times are tough.  Having a place to stay for this little vacation was huge in helping us do just that.

Ever since my trip to Vermont for July 4th a couple of years ago, I always wonder how I can TOP that experience.  The professional fireworks show in Burlington was the best I had ever seen!  Myrtle Beach may not have topped the show overall – it definitely came as a close 2nd.

It is legal to buy fireworks in South Carolina, making them easy for anyone and everyone to access.  Because of this, we knew we were going to see a show and we didn’t have to go far to do it.  We sat on the beach at 77th Street (in front of Grande Shores) as the evening progressed.  Armed with our beach chairs as the night fell, fireworks began blasting off all around us.  People were only feet away from us setting off fireworks – and I was sure someone was going to get hurt at some point!  Fortunately, it seemed as though everyone left without a scratch, despite the dangerously low displays.

Fireworks could be seen all over the long stretch of coastline and the beach was packed with people.  We had a truly fantastic time and would highly recommend a visit to Myrtle Beach for an amazing and memorable Independence Day.

Myrtle Beach Fireworks Myrtle Beach Fireworks


Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2015 in Trips in Eastern United States

Happy 4th of July everyone! I thought I would show you a video from the amazing fireworks display in Burlington, Vermont last night.  Seriously, they were the best ones I’ve ever seen. 

The trip has been a blast here and I only wish I had longer.  Be sure to follow my adventure on Instagram and Twitter using @jenstrvlbug 

Have a safe and happy Independence Day! 



June 27, 2015 in Everything Else / Trips in Eastern United States


There are so many exciting things happening on the 4th of July that choosing one can be hard to do!  Here are a few ideas for the East coasters to help narrow down your decision this holiday!

Concord Point Lighthouse July 4th Celebration

Concord Point Lighthouse July 4th Celebration – Havre De Grace, MD

1. Havre de Grace, MD

You may have already seen the photo, but I went to Havre de Grace last year for the 4th of July fireworks and couldn’t have loved it more!  Not only are you on the beautiful waterfront, but if you’re sitting in the park, the fireworks explode beautifully behind the Concord Point lighthouse.  Not only are there fireworks, but you can also enjoy the little carnival set-up, great food, and more.  Best of all, they celebrate for multiple days!  Click here for more information.

2. Washington, DC

Of course, Washington DC puts on a great fireworks show to celebrate America’s independence.  There is so much to do in DC anyway, that during the day you wouldn’t be bored waiting for the main event.  You’ll also see parades, music, and so much more for the 4th of July.  Click here to see more information.

3. Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia has more than just cheese steaks.  It is also the nation’s birthplace.  For Independence Day, there are tons of events such as free movie screenings, block parties, parades, and of course – excellent fireworks.  Get your cameras ready and take a look back at history in Philadelphia.    Click here for more information.

4. Baltimore, MD

It might be because I live in Baltimore, but I think there are so many great things to do here for the 4th of July!  Get a spectacular view of the fireworks from any angle, whether you’re up high in the World Trade Center or floating on a boat in the Inner Harbor.  Click here for more information.

5. Atlanta, GA

Georgia has so much going on – from road races to pub crawls, you’re sure to find something exciting  this holiday!  And once again, what would an independence day celebration be without the awesome display of pyrotechnics?  Click here for more information.

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