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January 17, 2017 in Trips in Eastern United States

This post is a little late, but I figured better late than never.  My family and I ventured back to New York City a couple of months ago for the day via the fabulous Megabus.  It’s only about 3 hours away and NYC is one of my favorite winter destinations.  Between the amazing holiday decor blanketing the city and the hustle and bustle of shoppers, it really is an exciting time to be there.

This time, for the first time since just prior to the 9/11 tragedy, I visited Ground Zero.  Six months prior to September 11th, 2001, I was on a field trip to New York City.  We stayed in the city for about 3 days and one of our tours happened to be at the World Trade Center.  It blows my mind that not even a year later those buildings were destroyed and a city was devastated.  I still have a souvenir penny from that trip as well as a few photos.  Being back to that spot was surreal.  I couldn’t believe it was the same place I had been before, but this time, minus two of the most famous buildings – side by side.  The memorial was beautiful, however, and the newly built Freedom Tower watches over.

Another stop that I always love is the famous Bryant Park.  The shops are unique (um, if you haven’t tried No Chewing Allowed Truffles – you’re missing out!) and it’s a quaint area to hang out and enjoy the city for a bit.

Take a look at the photos below to see what our trip was like.  New York City is a great idea near Christmas time!

Bryant Park, NYC

Bryant Park, NYC

NYC Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building, NYC

New York City 34th Street Macy's  9/11 Wall Memorial Freedom Tower NYC reflection WTC Site in New York City

9/11 Memorial in New York City

My Biggest Adventure Yet

December 8, 2016 in Everything Else

I apologize for being so silent lately.  My life has been pretty hectic since purchasing a home in April and then everything that follows!  Work, unpacking, etc.  Now that the house is coming together, things are beginning to settle down.  I haven’t been able to do much traveling this year, so instead, I have been accessorizing the house with travel related decor.  It has been a lot of fun and it’s nice to have a place to call home without wasting money on rent every month.

Speaking of settling down, I am about to embark on my biggest adventure yet! hm, the irony of those words.
My boyfriend of 10 years proposed on November 26th!  We’re so happy to be taking the next step in this relationship and embarking on this incredible journey.  I hope you all continue to follow through this next chapter in my life!

Christmas tree proposal
Christmas tree proposal



December 24, 2015 in Everything Else / Trips in Eastern United States

New York City is one of my favorite destinations to visit during the holiday season.  It just oozes Christmas spirit!  The best part is that it’s only a few short hours from where I live, so a bus trip is a breeze.  We took the Megabus on December 12th of this year, which just so happened to be a 60 degree day.  The weather may not have felt like Christmas, but there was no shortage of spirit all around.  NYC is full of glitz, glamour, and pure chaos – but I love it.

We took the Megabus from White Marsh and embarked on our 3 hours or so journey.  After arriving, we did a lot of the typical ‘touristy’ things, such as Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Rockefeller Center.  Trenton wanted to see the Lego Store and Toys R Us, so we made sure to make those stops.  The crowds were absolutely ridiculous – it’s all part of the big apple experience though.

One of my favorite parts of this particular trip was watching the Salvation Army folks singing and dancing for donations.  They were so happy and cheerful and it was infectious!  People crowded around the energetic men and many even joined in on the fun.  As you can see in the photo below, they really knew how to bring people together, and isn’t that one of the reasons we love the holidays so much?

NYC Salvation Army dancing

There is so much to see and do in New York City, but people watching has to be one of the best parts.  There are people of all shapes, sizes, races, colors, and cultures.  You never know what you’re going to find… a group of Santa’s on motorcycles driving through Times Square!  Apparently there was a Santa Convention in town that day…..Santas in Times Square

Whether you go for a day or a week, NYC should be on your bucket list.  Once you see it, you’ll become addicted to the sights and sounds.  Unless you hate city life, that is!

Be sure to check out my previous blog post from the big apple, A New York Engagement!




New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA


January 6, 2015 in Trips in Eastern United States

My boyfriend and I have made a tradition out of spending New Year’s Eve in Gettysburg, PA.  It might seem a bit random to spend it there of all places, but it really is a great time!  This year I brought my Nikon D700 along with a handy 50mm prime lens.

New Year’s Eve in historic Gettysburg is a lot more eventful than one might think.  It takes place in Lincoln Square, right smack in front of the beautiful Gettysburg Hotel.  The festivities begin around 9pm on New Year’s Eve and keep on going until about 12:30am.  It starts with a band (or DJ – it can vary) performing on a small stage.  Throughout the night there are small events such as a funny hat contest and even a baton twirler.  Shortly before midnight, the countdown begins and once the clock strikes midnight, an incredible fireworks show explodes into the sky!

Not only do these fun activities take place, but many of the surrounding bars and restaurants are packed with celebrations of their own.

Since we live over an hour away, we tend to get a hotel nearby so we don’t have to make the hike home so late.  There are tons of inexpensive options within minutes of the square.  This year we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Gettysburg (it was maybe a 5 minute drive from all the festivities) and it turned out to be an excellent choice.  Click here to check out my little review of the hotel.  

If you live in or near PA and are looking for some family fun on New Year’s Eve, be sure to check out what Gettysburg has to offer!

You’ll probably notice the noise on the photos taken with my Nikon – I had the ISO cranked up to 6400!  I don’t typically like to push it that high, but there wasn’t a lot of light to work with.

Click Here for the Gettysburg Hampton Inn

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

New Year's Eve in Gettysburg, PA

Mcway Falls, CA


November 26, 2014 in Everything Else

Hello travelers!

Thanks to this coastal snow storm, my Thanksgiving trip to Virginia has been delayed a day.  *cue sad music* as it is currently snowing big fat flakes here in Maryland!  However, I wanted to let you all about a great new site/app that is in development called Campstake.  The folks at Campstake were kind enough to get ahold of me about guest posting on their new blog, which of course I was very excited about.  If you love camping and the great outdoors, you’ll love what they are creating over there.  If you get a moment, click here to check out my post on their blog and be sure to check out the other posts as well!

I hope you all have safe travels this week and a fantastic holiday!

Check them out at and follow them on Twitter @Campstake

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