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{GUEST POST} 7 Reasons You Should Travel On Your Birthday

March 15, 2016 in Everything Else / Guest posts

Unlike other important dates and holidays in your calendar, your birthday is a day when you should celebrate your life and all its wonders, joys and precious moments. Every day of life is a gift, so why not give yourself the best present for your next birthday by setting out to explore the world and all the magic it has in store for you? Here are seven reasons why you should spend your birthday traveling – you only live once, so make that one count!

1. Opportunity for personal growth

Every trip is an opportunity to broaden your horizons, learn more about life, different lifestyles, cultures and peoples, while experiencing encounters that will make you a happier and wiser person. Traveling opens the door to personal growth like no other pastime activity, and it can also help you become a more flexible, skillful and independent person.

Thinking on a cliff - photo

2. Start the year with a positive mindset

Being stuck in a rut is an awful way to start a new year of your life. That is why traveling on your birthday is a much better way to celebrate a new beginning. This is also supported by certain astrological sources, saying that traveling on the day when the Sun returns to the position it had at your birth is also a good way to usher fresh energy and be at the right place at the right time.

3. Make memories for a lifetime

Traveling and making memories are synonymous, which is why you should pack your bags and head out to celebrate and expose yourself to unforgettable experiences, environments and people. Throw a camera in the mix and you will also be able to make great birthday photos, share the moments with your loved ones and preserve the memories of the special day forever.

Kissing in the trees- photo

4. Roses wane, experiences do not

Roses will wane, cookies will grow stale (or get eaten), but experiences from traveling on your birthday will never fade. Traveling is all about spontaneity and unexpected encounters, so enjoyment and lifetime memories of your special day are guaranteed – and who knows? You may even meet your soul mate during the wild b-day ride!

5. Hail birthday freebies and discounts

Some establishments offer freebies and special discounts to birthday boys and girls, so make sure you check out fun activities available at your destination and check whether you qualify for a little something special free of charge. It can be something small – a coffee, lunch or just a flower bouquet, but it is the thought that counts.

Magazine and wine photo

6. You deserve it!

You deserve to spoil yourself now and again, so why just not do it for your birthday? Adulting is hard work, and if you are doing your share 24/7/365, you deserve a few days off to recharge your inner batteries and pamper yourself before returning to the hoops.

7. You will not regret getting older

Most people tend to slide into birthday blues after 30 because every birthday is a year gone by, and it is not always well-spent time. By taking a trip right before you turn 20-,30-, 40- or 50-something, you will regret the gone days less and be happier with the thrills and fun you are yet to have.

Birthday approaching? Better find a cool destination, book your accommodations and get the tickets for the trip! Life is amazing, and the best way to honor the day of your birth is by venturing out to conquer the unknown. After all, the world can be your oyster if you are brave enough to grab it and slap your name on it.



Oliver Hyde is an experienced business consultant from the UK. His job allows him to travel, which also happens to be one of his greatest passions. He has been exploring Africa this past year and this journey is something he will never forget.

{GUEST POST} Why Traveling Should Be Your Top New Year’s Resolution

December 29, 2015 in Guest posts / Uncategorized

Have you made your list of resolutions for 2016 yet? In addition to decisions about lifestyle changes and professional growth, maxing out travel opportunities should definitely be an area that you should include in your New Year’s resolutions. Why? For starters, traveling allows you to expand your horizons, meet new people and learn more about the world. It also provides an excellent opportunity to do a bit of soul-searching, develop new skills and push the limits of your comfort zone.


Female on train

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Solo trips: An Ideal Opportunity for Soul-Searching

Although many people prefer traveling in the company of their family or friends, solo trips can also be a fun and rewarding experience. Traveling on your own to distant places allows you to grow as a person through contact with different cultures, environments and people. Solo trips can serve as a journey of self-discovery. There is no better way to step out of your comfort zone and unleash your inner adventurer than to set out to discover some beautiful places and cities. To prevent unpleasant surprises, make sure to plan your trip ahead and do detailed research about the place you’re about to visit. For example, online real estate platforms are a great source to find up-to-date news about different accommodation possibilities.


Backpacking adventures: Developing Basic Survival Skills

Backpacker photo

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Whether you decide to travel alone or with a companion, backpacking is an excellent way to see the world and develop basic survival skills on the fly. Camping trips offer a unique chance to face the wild, armed only with your survival gear, self-confidence and ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances. And the best part is, you do not have to venture beyond the borders of your home country to put your survival skills to test. A short trip to the nearby forest for a few days of camping will be enough of a challenge for beginner backpackers in their pursuit of adventure, thrills and an escape from monotonous daily routine.


Wild Explorations: A Chance to Work on your Photography Skills

camera photographing elephants

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An often-neglected aspect of travel is the opportunity to capture intriguing details of the trip. Shooting film will help you upgrade your photography skills and experiment with new perspectives and camera modes. Avid cameramen know this well and they often use travel as a chance for professional growth, while wildlife photographers get a chance to live a nomadic life doing what they love most. If you never let go of your camera and are always hungry for new environments, traveling will provide a perfect chance to blend your two biggest passions. Enjoy every minute of your holiday and have tons of fun.


Weekend getaways: An Exciting Break From Routine

Tent view

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 Even if you do not have a lot of spare time on your hands, you can still use your free weekends to escape from fast-paced city life and experience the world in a completely different light. Weekend getaways and short trips to the countryside are an excellent way to deal with stress, and relax and recharge your inner batteries before returning to the everyday routine. Even a small change can make a big difference, especially if you are feeling tired and worn-out from work, responsibilities and everyday have-tos.


Braving the world: A path to independence and self-confidence

Mountain standing in awe

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Traveling is also an excellent way to gain independence and boost your self-confidence. Getting lost in the middle of a strange city may be a tad stressful, but it will induce you to heavily rely on your skills, increase your flexibility and find a strong foothold in yourself regardless of the shifty circumstances.

Traveling is an important aspect of life; no growth happens without change. Encounters with new people, challenging environments and different cultures are the best way to test your communication skills and flexibility. If you want to grow and develop as a person, traveling should definitely be a part of your New Year’s resolutions – and besides, fun happens on the go, which is all the more reason to open the door and venture outside to explore the world in 2016.



Oliver Hyde is an experienced business consultant from the UK. His job allows him to travel, which also happens to be one of his greatest passions. He has been exploring Africa this past year and this journey is something he will never forget.




April 21, 2015 in Guest posts

Explore Sydney In Slow Motion 

Sydney is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and with its great climate and dozens of beaches it is the perfect place for chillin’ and slow-motion holiday. This city is also one of the greenest ones and although having almost tropical climate, it feels much cooler, especially around its huge parks and with the constant breeze that’s coming from the ocean. In this article we are going to list some of the best places to chill in Sydney.

Photo by Pavel

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Australians are known as very active and nature-loving people, sometimes even they need a moment to relax. Sun-bathing on Sydney beaches is the best way to relax in this city during the day. It is as popular as surfing and this city sure has enough beautiful beaches for everybody to get a tan. The biggest and the most popular is of course the Bondi Beach, but there are also smaller and more secluded ones like: Shelly Beach, Little Congwong Beach etc.

Slow Walks

Sydney offers plenty of opportunities for slow and scenic walks. One of the most popular routes goes from Bronte to Bondi and offers spectacular views of both the ocean and the land. Another interesting walking tour are from Spit to Manly, from Barrenjoye to Narrabean Lakes and South Head Coast walk tour that goes around historic Macquarie Lighthouse.

Photo Source:

Photo Source:


This truly is a romantic city. Some of the most romantic places in the city where you can enjoy a quiet time with your loved one are: restaurants in historic Rocks area, almost all Sydney beaches in the early morning when the sun comes up above the sea, Lavender Bay that offers nice views on Harbour area, Nelson Park etc. It is so romantic that many couples from around the world decide to read their wedding vows on some of the popular outdoor wedding venues in Sydney.


There are several pools in Sydney area and they all give you the chance for a really relaxed chill session. Very popular relaxing areas for Sydney residents are the Red Leaf Pool and the Seven Shillings Beach, which are located in the Double Bay. But the most impressive and the most beautiful out of all of Sydney’s pools is Mahon nature pool, which is made by rocks and it is one of the prettiest natural sights in the city. It is located at the end of Maroubra Way, and during hot summer evenings, it looks spectacular. During other parts of the year, this pool turns into a whirlpool and has many swells, so it is not advisable to swim there.

Photo by Lydiane Image

Photo Source:


Sydney has a number of parks and it is one of the greenest cities in the world. Some of the parks come with a really nice view of the Harbour area, like Lavender Bay Park which is in close proximity of Harbour Bridge. All parks in this city have exotic vegetation and provide plenty of shade during the hot summer days. You can also organize a picnic or even a wedding with up to 50 guests, without any municipality approval.

We Australians like to play hard and chill even harder. That’s why this city is one of the best places for a relaxing holiday, and all the spots mentioned in this article will be even more relaxing and fun with a bottle of cold Fosters or a glass of some nice Australian wine.

About the Author:  Oscar Waterworth is a travel enthusiast and a freelancer from Sydney. He started traveling because he didn’t want to spend his whole life in one city. He explored many parts of the world already, including Tahiti, Thailand, Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Greece etc. In the future,Oscar will continue his travels and will become a contributing author of High Style Life blog.  

Turtles at Le Meridien Bora Bora

Experiencing Tahiti: A Vacation in Paradise – GUEST POST

January 27, 2015 in Guest posts / Trips outside of the U.S.

Article by Norah Martin

Norah Martin has fallen in love with Tahiti and its colors, and is already planning her second trip to the islands. In the meantime, she keeps boring everyone with turtle stories, and is researching other sanctuaries to visit.

If you feel tired and overrun by boring obligations, and your everyday surroundings don’t make you feel secure but drive you mad, maybe it’s time you went on vacation.  When it comes to vacations, the best possible locations are the ones that make you feel alive, make you look around in amazement and make you pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming. One such place is Tahiti, rightfully called “a paradise on Earth”.   Even though just standing with your feet in the sand and your eyes on the water will make you feel completely rejuvenated, there are a few things you should definitely see and try before you go back home.

Visit the turtle sanctuary on Bora Bora

The Bora Bora Turtle Centre is a unique and special place: a sanctuary for green turtles and other endangered species.  Tourists are allowed to swim with the turtles and observe them, but they cannot touch them.  This is because turtles are very delicate and the natural acidity of our skin could seriously harm them.  Nevertheless, these lovely creatures are very curious and often swim near people, under the watchful eye of biologists.  It is difficult to describe the feeling of peace and serenity these wonderful animals seem to emit. They’ll truly teach you a valuable lesson about the circle of life and man’s place within it.

Tahiti Photo

Image Source:

Try Tahitian cuisine

As you already might have guessed, Tahitians eat a lot of seafood and are known for adding coconut to their dishes.  Coconuts are present everywhere, and one of the best things to bring you back to life after a long day in the sun is coconut water.  Tahitians prepare their food in underground ovens, called himas, where dishes are placed into baskets made of banana leaves and baked on hot stones inside them. If you have a chance, try raw red tuna in coconut milk and lime juice, their national dish.  Octopus, barracuda, mahi-mahi, parrotfish, and river prawns are always fresh and delicious.  There are numerous restaurants serving local dishes you can try, all serving only the freshest catch of the day.

Feed the sharks (and live to tell the tale)

You simply cannot leave Tahiti without participating in the shark feeding- the most thrilling event you can possibly experience.  After you get into the lagoon, you will stand in several feet of clear water and see with your own eyes how the guide hand-feeds a shark.  Sharks usually stick to the bottom of the seabed in order not to attract too much attention, so you will have to dive in if you want to see them better.  Depending on the island you choose, you will be able to see gray sharks, lemon sharks, white tip or black tip sharks. The diving guides will listen to all of your fears and concerns and will make sure you are completely prepared for what awaits you in the depths.

Tahiti Photo

Image Source:

Visit the pearl farm on Manihi

The South Pacific has farms too, but not quite like the ones tourists have in mind.  More than sixty farms produce pearls on Manihi island, where the waters provide the most perfect conditions.  If you choose to visit this beautiful island, you will be able to see how the locals extract the pearls and craft them.  What is more, you will be able to buy freshly caught pearls!

The islands of Tahiti offer numerous holiday packages you can choose from, and truly cater to everyone’s tastes.  The breathtaking sunsets on the white, sandy beaches will restore you to a completely rested self, and you will once again be ready for everything life throws at you.  The beauty of this place will stay with you forever, and I guarantee you will plan to come back!

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