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Experiencing Philadelphia for the First Time – DAY 1

January 19, 2016 in Food and Drink / Trips in Eastern United States

On Christmas day my boyfriend gave me the best gift he possibly could have: the gift of Chase Rice.  Quite literally.

To explain further, Bran bought us tickets to the Chase Rice show with meet and greet passes for Christmas.  If anyone knows me well in person, they would know that I have a mild obsession with the country singer.  The closest show to us, however, happened to be in Philadelphia, PA.  So Friday January 8th, we took our first road trip to Philadelphia.  I’m not really sure what took us so long, as it’s a mere 2 hours away from home!  But it was a great opportunity to check out a city that I hadn’t been to before.

Geno’s VS Pat’s

We couldn’t check into the Wyndham until 4pm, so when we arrived in Philadelphia around 12pm, we had quite a bit of time to kill.  Our first stop?  The infamous “cheese steak corner”.  Everyone told me before I went that day to make sure I tried Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s King of Steaks.  I can honestly say I had never even heard of the 2 places until then.  After doing a little bit of research, I learned that these 2 competitors seem to have their own fan bases – and usually people prefer one over the other.  I also learned there is an official lingo when ordering a Philly cheese steak!  Can I get a whiz wit….?  😉

Brandon got his hands on a Geno’s sandwich (with whiz) while I opted for Pat’s (with provolone).  The Geno’s sandwich was dripping with grease and I have to admit, it tasted a bit artificial to me.  Maybe it was the cheese whiz?  Maybe it was the steak itself?  I don’t know.  I preferred the Pat’s cheese steak out of the 2 places.  Neither one of them really impressed me, however.

My not-so-professional analysis?  They are both overrated tourist traps.  But hey, at least we can say we tried them both.

Killing Time

After our little trip to cheese steak corner, we headed across the street to kill some time at a local bar called South Philly .  We we’re the only ones in there, aside from the bartender.  Then again, it was a Friday afternoon…..and barely over 12pm!  It was a casual bar that was clearly a popular Philly sports spot, as it had sports team pennants and autographs all over the walls.  We hung out for a while before we decided to move on.

A Show We Won’t Soon Forget

That evening we caught a cab from the Wyndham to the Fillmore in Philadelphia.  We arrived 2 hours early since the show was general admission, and the line really wasn’t as bad as we had expected.  Tucker Beathard opened the show (he’s a newbie to the scene and fantastic, BTW) followed by The Cadillac Three (they were AWESOME) and of course Chase Rice being the final act, performing not only his hits like “Ready, Set Roll” and “Gonna Wanna Tonight”, but also singing some fun covers.
This show was in my top 5 for sure.  The energy of the performers was amazing and the crowd was electric.  We made a few friends, got GREAT spots, and had an unbelievable time.  I really liked this venue.  The staff was friendly and everything was smooth sailing.  Oh, and while we didn’t get much time with him, Chase Rice was a very friendly guy!  And just as gorgeous in person….just sayin’.


Day 1 was a blast, but I was exhausted.  Day 2 we would see much more of the city…..

Travel Photography Birthday Cake


February 21, 2015 in Everything Else / Food and Drink

This post might seem a bit random, but I was so excited about this that I had to share!

My birthday was on February 18th and I decided that since i’m feeling especially old, that the only thing I am going to do is have a family dinner to celebrate that I have made it 29 years.  My boyfriend insisted that I need a cake for the dinner, and it just so happens that I have a very talented baker friend who was the perfect person to ask.  Well, I put in the initial request, not knowing that she and my boyfriend ultimately ended up discussing a little surprise for me.  I expected a simple “Happy birthday” cake but what I got was something way cooler!  I thought my readers may appreciate it too….

Take a look at this AMAZING travel themed birthday cake that we will be happily devouring tomorrow evening.  The details they used on this are simply awesome – everything from the camera to the little postcards of places that I love!  Thanks to Ashley and everyone at the Hamilton Bakery in Baltimore for making this amazing!

P.S. – While you’re here, enjoy 35% off a hard cover photo book from AdoramaPix, exclusively for my readers!  Hurry, this offer only lasts until March 3rd!  Simply use promo code: px35tbug 
Also, check back here on Tuesday of next week.  You will be given the opportunity to win a FREE hard cover photo book!  

Hamilton Bakery Website
5414 Harford Rd
Baltimore MD, 21214

Travel Photography Birthday Cake

Travel Photography Birthday Cake Travel Photography Birthday Cake Travel Photography Birthday Cake Travel Photography Birthday Cake

Linger restaurant review - Denver


August 28, 2014 in Food and Drink / Trips in Western United States


Harman’s is a classy yet casual restaurant offering top-notch American food.  They combine fresh ingredients into unique delectable dishes.  I highly recommend Harman’s!

P.S. – Try the cake batter ice cream!  If you’re a BACON lover, you will enjoy this!  Yes, I said that correctly, BACON!  Who doesn’t love bacon?

Interested? Click Here for their Website

Harman's Eat and Drink food photo

Harman’s Eat and Drink


Linger (or Olinger) is famous for its morbid past as a mortuary!  You will find evidence of its eerie history in various parts of the building too.  The rooftop patio is a popular place for people to wine, dine and get check out beautiful panoramic views of the city.  Their menu encompasses diverse dishes from different cultures.  The food is tasty and the wine is good.  If you are looking to dine in Linger, be sure to make reservations!  This is an extremely popular restaurant so don’t count on just walking in.

Click Here for their Website

Linger restaurant review - Denver



Ready for dessert now?  Check out Bonnie Brae ice cream.  This little ice cream shop is a hit with the locals.  They make their own ice cream so the flavor options tend to change often.  This is another popular place, so expect to see a line out the door.

Click Here for their Website



If you’re looking for something a bit more laid back, consider The Cherry Cricket.  They have a huge selection of burgers and toppings so you’re sure to find something that appeals to you.  Don’t like burgers?  They have other options too.  Don’t expect glamorous digs.  Expect a super casual environment, great food, and reasonable prices.  This burger joint has also appeared on the show Man VS Food.  Take a look for yourself!

Click Here for their Website


Session is a hip and contemporary bar/restaurant in Denver.  Here you will find a large selection of drinks to go with the awesome decor.  If you’re looking for an extremely modern ambience and friendly staff, look no further.  This is definitely a fun place to eat dinner or grab a drink!

Click Here for their Website

Session in Denver, CO

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