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Glacier NP Montana, Washington & Idaho Adventure

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It has been way too long since my last post!  Just to update you all, I FINALLY have internet at the new house so I can regain my sanity.  And on that note, I need to update you all on my most recent travels.
Rainbow in Montana PlainsIn May, I took my first trip out to Washington State and drove the 6 hour drive over to Glacier National Park in Montana.  I’ve seen some beautiful places, but this drive had to be the most beautiful I have ever taken.  Everywhere, from Washington through Idaho and over to Montana – could have been a postcard.

Bison Creek Ranch - Montana
Bison Creek Ranch – Montana

I stayed at Bison Creek Ranch with my family once reaching the Glacier area.  This b&b is a rustic getaway from the mundane.  A family owned ranch, it seeps with history and stories.  I had such an incredible time there.  The owners are incredibly generous and love talking to the visitors.  They gave us plenty of valuable tips as to where we should go and little spots that even sit in their very own ranch property.  BSR is NOT for those looking for 5 star accommodations.  As mentioned before, the cabins are extremely rustic, there are no tv’s, and the only WiFi on the premises is located in the restaurant.  That being said, the breakfasts they serve every morning are fantastic and the service is even better!  The owners felt like family to us that week.

Grinnell Glacier Trail Bighorn sheep following us photo
Grinnell Glacier Trail Bighorn sheep following us on the trail

The scenery around Montana is amazing.  Our time in Many Glacier, however, proved to be most exciting….yet also terrifying.  We were cornered by some curious big horn sheep on the incredibly scenic Grinnell Glacier trail, prolonging our trip by a good hour or so.  They never tried to harm us….but they followed us, and we were terrified that they may become aggressive.  Once we finally got away from the Big Horn sheep……we had an even scarier run in.  Less than 2 miles from the trails entrance, I noticed a large grizzly bear off of the trail (maybe 30 feet or so?).  I quickly turned around, warned the rest of my family, and back tracked.  We made sure to make plenty of noise – apparently the noise we thought we were making on the way down the trail wasn’t enough!  I had my bear spray ready in case the worst were to have happened.  As we eventually tried again, the bear was gone.  Phew.  Close call.  Grinnell Glacier trail is sure to give you the full Montana experience!  It sure did for us.

Virginia Falls - Glacier National Park, MT
Virginia Falls – Glacier National Park, MT

Virginia Falls was another one of my favorite hikes.  You pass multiple waterfalls along this easy trail, but each of those are babies compared to Virginia Falls.  They are enormous and incredibly beautiful as well.  I highly recommend the hike for anyone out that way.

I STRONGLY suggest that if you decide to peruse Glacier National Park to bring bear spray!  This area is about as wild as it gets and you certainly DON’T want to surprise a bear!
Montana Woodpecker
One of the final highlights of my trip out west was a little town in Idaho called Wallace.  I spent my last day wandering the quirky mining town.  Wallace is also the self-proclaimed “center of the universe” as the signage denotes.  Check out the story about that here.  Such a cute and unique little town, I really enjoyed wandering around Wallace.

Take a look at the photos from my adventure – images can speak so much louder than words!  

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