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Epic Wipes: A Handy New Addition for Your Travel Bag

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A few weeks ago, I had never heard of Epic Wipes.  I tend to just bask in my dirty stinky skin for a period of time until I have access to a shower, after trekking the great outdoors or hitting the gym.  So when the folks at Epic Wipes reached out to me asking for a review of their product, I jumped at the chance.  Especially because I will be doing a ton of hiking during my upcoming Montana trip.

Here is the story behind Epic Wipes, according to the e-mail I received:

“Our founder came up with the idea when he was stationed in Afghanistan. While deployed, he visited combat outposts without any showers. As a doctor, he quickly recognized that soldier health suffered when hygiene suffered.

Most soldiers tried to make do with wet wipe showers, but he would tell you first hand that showering with a million little wipes wasn’t very satisfying. For the last three years, he’s been working at perfecting the design for the largest, highest quality, bamboo, towel sized wet wipe. The wipes are made of biodegradable materials, are paraben and toxin free and contain antibacterial essential oils. Our massive wet wipes are gentle on your body and respectful of our Earth. They could become a staple in the most seasoned traveler’s backpack for any adventure-from time spent adventuring off the beaten path to a quick clean-up before hopping on a plane, bus, or train.”

Epic Wipes, as stated on their website, are heavy duty towel sized wet wipes that are individually packaged to be compact and perfect for packing.  They are geared toward people who spend lengthy amounts of time outdoors (without shower access) and those with active lifestyles.
What makes these wipes stand out from the competition, you ask?  A number of factors.  Their tremendous size supersedes the rest at a whopping 2 ft. 6 in. when unfolded.  They’re perfect for the environmentally conscious as they are made with bamboo and are biodegradable.

 The ingredients as listed on the packaging are as follows:
• Water
• Eucalyptus essential oil
• Hydrogenated Castor Oil
• Decyl Glucoside
• Potassium Sorbate
• Glycerin
• 2,4 Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol
• Chamomilla Recutita Extract
• Calendula Officinalis Extract

Epic Wipes size diagramImage Source: www.facebook.com/epicwipes

I really wanted to try these on a legit trip (camping, hiking, etc.) however, my next adventure isn’t until the end of May.  In the meantime, I decided to give them a shot right after getting home from the gym.  I was feeling super sweaty and gross, so it was the perfect chance for a first impression.

Epic wipe huge sizeRandom note: Please excuse the background of the photos!  I’m in the process of moving and my apartment is a disaster!

Overall Packaging

The wipes come in individually wrapped packets enclosed in one large box.  The individual packets are great for packing, however, if it’s a long trip you would have to take multiple towels and that could take up a lot more space.  I like that they kept the graphic design work simple, fun, and informational.

Testing the Wipes
Upon opening I could smell the eucalyptus right away.  Not overly strong, but certainly noticeable.  And I didn’t mind –  I enjoy that scent.  They smelled very fresh to me.
These aren’t your typical carry around wipes!  These things are monstrous!  I love that they have plenty of real estate to get dirty rather than wiping with the same 3 inches of towel over and over again.  And I have to admit, after using one, I felt surprisingly fresh!

Jen using epic wipes

I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who needs a quick, safe, and effective clean up method.  I would find these to be really handy while camping or after a long hike.  I’ll absolutely be packing some of these to go with me on my trip to Glacier next month.

That being said, I would suggest to the creators that a version of these come in a slightly smaller size so multiple wipes could be kept in a single package, particularly to accommodate those who will be traveling for long periods of time with limited space for keeping.

For more information on Epic Wipes, check out their website and sign up for their upcoming kickstarter launch! Visit www.epicwipes.com.

A big thanks to those at Epic Wipes for allowing me to try their fabulous product and share it with the world!

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