{GUEST POST} 7 Reasons You Should Travel On Your Birthday

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Unlike other important dates and holidays in your calendar, your birthday is a day when you should celebrate your life and all its wonders, joys and precious moments. Every day of life is a gift, so why not give yourself the best present for your next birthday by setting out to explore the world and all the magic it has in store for you? Here are seven reasons why you should spend your birthday traveling – you only live once, so make that one count!

1. Opportunity for personal growth

Every trip is an opportunity to broaden your horizons, learn more about life, different lifestyles, cultures and peoples, while experiencing encounters that will make you a happier and wiser person. Traveling opens the door to personal growth like no other pastime activity, and it can also help you become a more flexible, skillful and independent person.

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2. Start the year with a positive mindset

Being stuck in a rut is an awful way to start a new year of your life. That is why traveling on your birthday is a much better way to celebrate a new beginning. This is also supported by certain astrological sources, saying that traveling on the day when the Sun returns to the position it had at your birth is also a good way to usher fresh energy and be at the right place at the right time.

3. Make memories for a lifetime

Traveling and making memories are synonymous, which is why you should pack your bags and head out to celebrate and expose yourself to unforgettable experiences, environments and people. Throw a camera in the mix and you will also be able to make great birthday photos, share the moments with your loved ones and preserve the memories of the special day forever.

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4. Roses wane, experiences do not

Roses will wane, cookies will grow stale (or get eaten), but experiences from traveling on your birthday will never fade. Traveling is all about spontaneity and unexpected encounters, so enjoyment and lifetime memories of your special day are guaranteed – and who knows? You may even meet your soul mate during the wild b-day ride!

5. Hail birthday freebies and discounts

Some establishments offer freebies and special discounts to birthday boys and girls, so make sure you check out fun activities available at your destination and check whether you qualify for a little something special free of charge. It can be something small – a coffee, lunch or just a flower bouquet, but it is the thought that counts.

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6. You deserve it!

You deserve to spoil yourself now and again, so why just not do it for your birthday? Adulting is hard work, and if you are doing your share 24/7/365, you deserve a few days off to recharge your inner batteries and pamper yourself before returning to the hoops.

7. You will not regret getting older

Most people tend to slide into birthday blues after 30 because every birthday is a year gone by, and it is not always well-spent time. By taking a trip right before you turn 20-,30-, 40- or 50-something, you will regret the gone days less and be happier with the thrills and fun you are yet to have.

Birthday approaching? Better find a cool destination, book your accommodations and get the tickets for the trip! Life is amazing, and the best way to honor the day of your birth is by venturing out to conquer the unknown. After all, the world can be your oyster if you are brave enough to grab it and slap your name on it.



Oliver Hyde is an experienced business consultant from the UK. His job allows him to travel, which also happens to be one of his greatest passions. He has been exploring Africa this past year and this journey is something he will never forget.

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