Our Tent - Lost River Campground, WV

Camping in Lost River, West Virginia

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Have you ever heard of Lost River, West Virginia?  I’m not going to lie….prior to Labor Day weekend, I hadn’t!  I’m pretty sure most people haven’t.

Labor Day weekend, we camped with my mom in a tiny little campground in a desolate little area of West Virginia called Lost River.  Lost River sits in Hardy County, located in North East, WV just over the Virginia border.  There isn’t much around it.  As a matter of fact, I had zero cell service the entire time.  It is very rare that my cell phone actually says “no service”, especially with Verizon, but that weekend it did.

LOST RIVER, WVThe campground we stayed at, Lost River Campground, was a bit of an oddity.  The scenery was beautiful, but the campground was tiny and sat right next to a road.  The road acted as a dividing line between the tent and RV spots.  This made camping there a little bit sketchy because speed demons would fly down the road, making it a scary experience at times!

Right up the road there was a man-made lake that people were fishing and boating in.  There really was very little to do in the area, but this provided some sort of entertainment for anyone equipped for it.  The campground did have a pool, volleyball net, fire rings, and a surprisingly squeaky clean bath house.  Despite the isolation, Lost River was extremely picturesque and we all had a great time! Take a peek at our photos below….


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