The Beach in DC exhibit


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A friend of mine invited Bran and I to Washington DC to go to the beach.  The Beach?  In DC?  Yeah, I thought he was nuts.  It wasn’t until he explained that “the beach” was actually a giant ball pit, that I began to (sort of) understand.

The National Building Museum had an exhibit for a few months where people could purchase tickets and jump into a 3.5 ft deep ball pit.  It was any child, or young-at-heart adult’s, dream!

We left early in the morning and made sure to get there before the museum opened.  For anyone who has never experienced DC traffic, it’s exactly what you would expect HELL to be like.  Not to mention this particular exhibit had apparently gotten tons of press so it was very popular.  We were among the first few there, and when the doors were opened, with tickets in hand – we ran for the beach!

Us at the Washington DC Beach Exhibit

The room was all white and set up with beach chairs.  Beyond the “shore line” was a massive pit of clear plastic balls.  Germaphobes beware, this exhibit was not for the faint of heart!  I tried not to think about all of the ‘who-knows-whats’ that were in there with me as I swam through a sea of clear plastic balls.  Shortly after we jumped in, we found the “ocean” had quickly been consumed by small children, to a point that finding a way out was difficult.

“The Beach” exhibit was fun.  It was more of a novelty so we could say “hey, we did that!”  It was within walking distance of the capital, so that was where we headed next.

The Nation’s Capital under construction

A Girl & Her Travel Bug Takes on Washington DC

The dome was under construction – it had definitely seen more glamorous days.  Nonetheless, the architecture in DC is always so beautiful.  We spent the rest of the day walking around DC.  We checked out the National Botanic Garden and made our way over to get lunch at the oh-so-hipster Bus Boys & Poets and followed it up with coffee at A Baked Joint.

Next time, I hope to see more of the city since I haven’t thoroughly checked it out in a few years.  There are endless things to see in our nation’s capital, and that day we barely put a dent in it.


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