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Last week I was able to spend the week with my boyfriend and his family in Berlin, MD as well as taking time in Ocean city and Assateague (much like the day trip I took not too long ago).  We had a great time with lots of interesting moments….primarily things that happened as a result of my overall horrendous luck.  For example, our 1st day on the beach in Assateague, a hungry horse was digging through my bag looking for food.  It wasn’t just me though; he was sure to get many beachgoers!  The next day, I figured out that chickens get pissed off when you eat ice cream in front of them.  I got pecked in the knee by an angry chicken – and no, I can’t make these things up!  Oh and I also got pooped on by a seagull on the Ocean City boardwalk……which maybe this year I was lucky it only happened once since last year it happened TWICE!

Since I already gave you a pretty thorough cap of these areas in the recent past, I’m simply going to show you some photos from this trip, some coming straight from my Instagram.  Please join me on instagram to keep up on my travels!  @JensTrvlBug

A Hungry Assateague Horse
This horse kept going up and down the beach digging through people’s bags trying to find food. He successfully found cheetos, sandwiches, and other items!

Ocean City, MD at Sunset

OCMD Inlet

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