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Explore Sydney In Slow Motion 

Sydney is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and with its great climate and dozens of beaches it is the perfect place for chillin’ and slow-motion holiday. This city is also one of the greenest ones and although having almost tropical climate, it feels much cooler, especially around its huge parks and with the constant breeze that’s coming from the ocean. In this article we are going to list some of the best places to chill in Sydney.

Photo by Pavel
Photo Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/blueriotriver/


Australians are known as very active and nature-loving people, sometimes even they need a moment to relax. Sun-bathing on Sydney beaches is the best way to relax in this city during the day. It is as popular as surfing and this city sure has enough beautiful beaches for everybody to get a tan. The biggest and the most popular is of course the Bondi Beach, but there are also smaller and more secluded ones like: Shelly Beach, Little Congwong Beach etc.

Slow Walks

Sydney offers plenty of opportunities for slow and scenic walks. One of the most popular routes goes from Bronte to Bondi and offers spectacular views of both the ocean and the land. Another interesting walking tour are from Spit to Manly, from Barrenjoye to Narrabean Lakes and South Head Coast walk tour that goes around historic Macquarie Lighthouse.

Photo Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/azchael/
Photo Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/azchael/


This truly is a romantic city. Some of the most romantic places in the city where you can enjoy a quiet time with your loved one are: restaurants in historic Rocks area, almost all Sydney beaches in the early morning when the sun comes up above the sea, Lavender Bay that offers nice views on Harbour area, Nelson Park etc. It is so romantic that many couples from around the world decide to read their wedding vows on some of the popular outdoor wedding venues in Sydney.


There are several pools in Sydney area and they all give you the chance for a really relaxed chill session. Very popular relaxing areas for Sydney residents are the Red Leaf Pool and the Seven Shillings Beach, which are located in the Double Bay. But the most impressive and the most beautiful out of all of Sydney’s pools is Mahon nature pool, which is made by rocks and it is one of the prettiest natural sights in the city. It is located at the end of Maroubra Way, and during hot summer evenings, it looks spectacular. During other parts of the year, this pool turns into a whirlpool and has many swells, so it is not advisable to swim there.

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Photo Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/77224566@N04/


Sydney has a number of parks and it is one of the greenest cities in the world. Some of the parks come with a really nice view of the Harbour area, like Lavender Bay Park which is in close proximity of Harbour Bridge. All parks in this city have exotic vegetation and provide plenty of shade during the hot summer days. You can also organize a picnic or even a wedding with up to 50 guests, without any municipality approval.

We Australians like to play hard and chill even harder. That’s why this city is one of the best places for a relaxing holiday, and all the spots mentioned in this article will be even more relaxing and fun with a bottle of cold Fosters or a glass of some nice Australian wine.

About the Author:  Oscar Waterworth is a travel enthusiast and a freelancer from Sydney. He started traveling because he didn’t want to spend his whole life in one city. He explored many parts of the world already, including Tahiti, Thailand, Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Greece etc. In the future,Oscar will continue his travels and will become a contributing author of High Style Life blog.  

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