How to Take Better Travel photos

5 Tips for Taking Better Travel Photos

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Chances are that if you’re an avid traveler, you’re also photographing your adventures.  The great thing about photography is that it’s subjective.  Whether you’re taking photos to create art or simply document your journey, there are ways to make sure you’re capturing the essence of your experiences.

1.  Don’t limit yourself to daylight.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is limit your photos to bright daylight.  While this may be the most convenient time of day, it isn’t necessarily the best.  Try photographing in the early morning or during sunset.  Hell, if you have a tripod, take photos in the dark of night if you have interesting lighting to work with!  Long exposure shots are beautiful and way more interesting.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Pigeon Point Lighthouse

2.  Find details that have meaning.

Sometimes, you will find details that are particularly impactful for one reason or another.  It could be something really simple, but sometimes it’s the little things that will end up being the most memorable to you.  Make sure to capture those details!  These are the things that really help tell your story.

“Many need your love”

 3.  Pay attention to the locals.

Don’t awkwardly stare or tick anyone off, but depending on where you are there will likely be locals who emit clear characteristics very specific to the place.  You can’t have subject matter more interesting than people.

Santa Cruz Surfer
Santa Cruz Surfer

4.  Capture the scene.

Scenery is so obvious and yet so vital to photographing your travels!  It’s all around you – make sure to capture wide shots displaying the environment.  You want someone else who is looking at your photos to feel like they’re there.  What makes this place so special?  What makes it interesting?  Capture all of that.

The Grand Canyon, AZ
Sun setting at the Grand Canyon

 5.  ALWAYS have a camera!

Whether it’s an SLR, a point-and-shoot, or your cell phone, don’t leave without a camera!  You don’t want to miss a photo opportunity that could come your way.  You might not always want to lug around an SLR – and that’s OK.  But you never know what you will find in unfamiliar places.

Skyline Drive - Virginia
Skyline Drive – Virginia

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    1. I’m glad you found them useful! And yes it’s so true. Sometimes if you don’t pay attention you can miss something really interesting. Just like in the sample photo on the Golden Gate Bridge… little detail can really say a lot about the scene!

      1. That’s absolutely my point! Missing a little detail can be harmful in the aftermath. You’ll keep the amazing picture in your mind, but you’ll feel horrible that you didn’t take a picture at the same time..

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