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Verve Coffee Roasters is a great local coffee shop in Santa Cruz, Ca.  There are a few different Verve locations, but the one I visited was located at 1540 Pacific Avenue.

The decor here is very clean and modern.  You’ll find a nice array of coffee and pastries.  They also sell some of their own merchandise, which includes camping mugs, home brew kits, and more.

I went to this coffee shop 2-3 times while in Santa Cruz and the staff was fabulous every time.  Super friendly people work in this edgy Santa Cruz spot.  I am a fan of sweeter drinks (i.e. lattes, etc.) and they have what they call a flavored latte.  I don’t know how to explain how it tastes other then the obvious……’s a sweetened coffee!  But I promise you, it’s fabulous.

I highly recommend you check out on of their locations next time you venture out to Santa Cruz.

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I rate Verve Coffee Roasters 5 bugs!

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