Pikes Peak - Colorado


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During my April 2014 trip to Colorado, my cousin and I decided to give Pikes Peak a shot.  For those who aren’t aware, Pikes Peak is a mountain in Cascade, CO that sits 14,110 ft (some sources say 14,115?) above sea level.  If you’re feeling ambitious you can hike it or bike it, and for everyone else, there is the Cog Railway (as you can see in photos below) – or even drive your own vehicle.

My cousin and I chose to drive the mountain in her vehicle.  If you are considering Pikes Peak, be aware that the ride is rather intense for the faint of heart!  If you have a fear of heights, I highly suggest you don’t drive it.  There are plenty of sharp turns and rail-less edges to make your knees weak.  I will admit, my cousin did the driving and I was absolutely terrified as we got higher and higher up.  I have a tremendous fear of heights so there were points when I found myself closing my eyes praying we wouldn’t go off the edge.

We found some interesting things along the way up the mountain, such as the North Pole and my favorite……the bigfoot crossing sign!

Fortunately, we made it to the summit safely (obviously) and the views were well worth it.  Be ready for cold temps as you get to the top!  When we started the trip, the temp was in the 60’s or so.  When we reached the top it dropped to 33 degrees!

What you need to know before going: To drive Pikes Peak, you are looking at fees of $12 per adult, $5 per child, or $40 per carload.  Also, be sure to check the weather before going.  If they are calling for bad weather, they will close the mountain off to visitors.

Because of the high altitude, some folks might have breathing problems.  I personally did not, but be aware that your experience might be different.

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Pikes Peak - Colorado
Pikes Peak – Colorado
Pikes Peak - Colorado - Big Foot Crossing
Pikes Peak – Colorado – Big Foot Crossing

Pikes Peak - Colorado North Pole Pikes Peak - Colorado

Pikes Peak - Colorado

Pikes Peak - Colorado

Pikes Peak - Colorado

Pikes Peak - Colorado Pikes Peak - ColoradoPikes Peak - Colorado

Pikes Peak - Colorado

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