Skyline Drive - Virginia

Skyline Drive – Luray, Virginia

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It’s amazing that I’ve lived the majority of my life here in the east coast, but yesterday was the first time that I had ever been on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. My mom lives in Virginia so I’m used to the 3 hour trek from Baltimore when I visit her, but I don’t usually get the chance to do a lot of exploring. After some research, I found the photos and positive reviews of Skyline Drive. It’s only about 40 minutes away from my mom so I figured I should check it out.

The drive there from Timberville was beautiful. There was a lot of gorgeous mountain scenery. Upon arriving, there was $15 fee per vehicle (until November). After November it goes to $10 per vehicle. Ok, I get that they want to be able to maintain the park and all, but $15 just seems to be a little pricey for me to drive and look at nature. I don’t know, I guess that’s the broke kid in me talking.

If you plan on making this trip I highly recommend that you check the weather first. It was a beautiful day out yesterday, however in the mountains the fog was quite thick. Some of the views were completely obstructed by the fog as you went higher up the mountain. Going back down, there were some clearer views. There are many stops for you to check out along the way.

Skyline Drive is very long so I didn’t get a chance to make the entire trip. There are many great sights from what I did get to see, but next time I’ll know to check out the weather ahead of time. I actually ended up discovering these webcams and these can be helpful before heading out there. Mountain weather can change very quickly though, so be prepared.

All in all, if you find yourself in Virginia you should check it out. I’m looking forward to going back in the fall as the leaves change.

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